PUTAN CLUB - Lavo (live at Amplifest, Ouest Park & more)

Filmed by Renaud de Foville at Ouest Park Festival (F)& filmed by the awesome audiences at Amplifest (P), Moers Festival (D), Tallin Music Week (EST), ADA Puławska (PL), Teatro Coppola (I), Universo factory (I), Pikipop Festival (FIN), Ant (RO), Manufactura (RO), Močvara (HR), Palazzo Moschettini (I), L'Ampli (F), Clan Destin (F), Collosseum (SK), Grand Café Szeged (H), Kvaka 22 (SRB), Vrátnice (CZ), Cross Club (CZ), Las (PL), Supamolly (D), Transfer (D), Alhambra (D), La Presqu'Île (F), Fusiònica Festival (E), Sonocraft Festival (F), Torchiera (I), Dopolavoro Ferroviario (I), Loftas Festival (LT), Triciclo (P), Matadero (EH), Gala Hala (SLO), Bactria (TJ), Театри Конибодом (TJ), Mittel (I).


Directed by Carlo Mazzotta

Because of the silence, if not the voluntary lies, of the French national medias, the owners of which are the big French capitalists effectively ruling the country, and faced with the great cowardice of countless journalists, we were only able to collect these images, these videos of the 2019/2020 movement, almost exclusively only from the social networks. We edited this video on January 21, 2020. All the images are therefore earlier. And we strongly fear that even more iniquitously horrible new ones will be caused by the French government in an earlier futur. In the face of the emergency, we did ignore copyright and we apologize for it. We are ready to redo the editing by removing the images whose owners would dispute this use of their material. To contact us: 

A quote:

"One of my favorite bands PUTAN CLUB just released a video called State of French Capitalism. It begins with Macron's new year speech earlier this month where he says "We've been able to establish a respectful republican dialogue without precedent in a democracy". (Republican to be taken in the french sense of the word, not the Republican party...)     Then you see what happened this past year during demonstrations in France. At worse the parallel will amuse you, at best enrage you. The french police who as opposed to american police has a tradition of handling relatively correctly demonstrations when given precise orders on what to do or not to do is now totally out of control. Even Macron and his aids are recognizing that and don't know what to do. If they start arresting police responsible of what you will see in that video, they fear the police will put less energy in defending them next time the demonstrators show up next to their offices, but if they let this continue on, who knows next time they will use their guns. So instead of having people who lose an eye because they are shot directly in the head by something called a Flash-Ball, or mutilated when a military type grenade is sent on them, they will have dead people on TV. In 1986 Charles Pasqua more or less told the police, don't worry do what you need to do I will always have your back, 2 weeks later a young man was shot because he ran away from his car after being pulled over and did not have a valid license.   Please no comments on how the demonstrators are violent and deserve what they are getting. None of them did anything in this video in the first place apart from demonstrating and even if they had done anything the police are supposed to be on a higher ground. We can refer to the Grimaud doctrine named after the head of the Paris police during May 1968 who probably knew what he was talking about, who wrote to his troops on May 29, 1968 telling them: "Hitting a protester who fell to the ground is hitting yourself by appearing in a light that affects the entire police function. It is even more serious to strike demonstrators after arrest and when they are taken to police stations for questioning"...and by the way enjoy the music... Putan Club is a great band."     Sébastien Greppo


Our archive of what we did download from internet (mainly facebook) for "State of French Capitalism",

starting from the fascist episode in a school at Mantes-la-Jolie (F) on 06 December 2018
and going until the Covid-19 pandemic on March 2020 is in free download here.

This archive is quite chaotic. Sorry for this.


Directed by Carlo Mazzotta

Thanks to : Gabba Gabba & Arci Calypso (Sava - Taranto - Italy)


Directed by Carlo Mazzotta - GoPro shots by Mauro Diciocia

Thanks to: Cotriero (Gallipoli - LE - Italy)


Directed by Carlo Mazzotta


The 85 RICHEST PEOPLE as wealthy as the poorest HALF of the world.

The wealth of the 1% richest people in the world is about 65 times as much as the poorest half of the world.


We (the International People) are absolutely NOT representated anymore.

Global revolution should be now, immediatly, urgently, and mercilessly against all those who sat in a parliament or wanted to do it.

Constitutions must be changed. Politicians must be controlled and dismissed immediately when recognized as liars or traitors.

The international finance has to be the slave of the People. And much more..........

PUTAN CLUB - Live extract

ADA Puławska, Warsaw - 10/09/2022

PUTAN CLUB - Live extract
National Theatre of Konibodom, Tajikistan
- 21/06/2021 



Directed by Carlo Mazzotta

Cameras: Davide Mellone, Carlo Mazzotta


Thx: L'auramente//live: Lido dell'ancora//26072016

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PUTAN CLUB - Live & streamed @ TZUNAMI Sessions


Centro Onda d'Urto, Arezzo (I) - 03/09/2020

PUTAN CLUB - Soundcheck

 Triciclo, Barcelos [P] - 07/10/2022

PUTAN CLUB - Live extract
Le Filtre à Sons
- Nantes, F, 08/03/2024