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"...Every Putan Club gig is a kick in the face of modern music and its industry. ...They are defiant not because it’s cool to do so,

but because that is what they are at their core : non-conformists... Insubordination : that is Putan Club..."


I did not make the revolution so that my daughter goes to prostitute herself …

... G20 fuck off !!!

Houssem H. - Révolution, Tunisia 2011

When the government violates the rights of the people, the uprising is, for the people and for every portion of the people,

the most crowned right and the most indispensable of the duties.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1793, article 35.

The World rots in a well-being which is only egoism, stupidity, lack of education, gossip, moralism, constraint, conformity :

to contribute in any way to this decay is, maintaining, the fascism.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, in Vie Nuove n.36, sept. 1962

Macht man Kunst, um Geld zu verdienen und die netten Bürger zu streicheln?

Tristan Tzara, 1918

Se perdre. Sûrement ce qu’il y a de mieux dans la vie. La plupart ne se perdront qu’au moment de mourir. Et il ne perdront pas grand’chose. 

To get lost. Surely the best thing to do in life. Most will only be lost when dying. And they will not lose much.

Supporting ideas of grassroots-level self-organizing, mutual aid, solidarity, sustainable development, animal-friendly lifestyles, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy, feminism & revolution and other initiatives that aim to create a more just and free society. If you oppose any form of social discrimination and views that generate discrimination, hatred or division and you support people saying no to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, party politics, capitalism and organized religion, I suggest to keep in touch.

Nota Bene: the PUTAN CLUB is  NOT a  PUNK band, but takes everything it needs: avant, techno, oriental, jazz, metal, classical. The Putan Club is a  TEST BENCH.

filles de mai


Album « filles de mai » released by  toten schwan records.


Formats:    CD / LP (180 gm) + download code / DL & Streaming

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