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«Don’t pressure the man with the knife» - DVD

released by Un Jour Peut Etre, Paris, 2013.

Anti-commercial, anti-rock’n’roll, supremely impolite and divinely refined, the Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club is the newest project of one of greatest artists of the XXIth century, a fulminated poet, a violent writer adulated by the new wave of the American dissacratori-profaners, an outstanding singer of an ardent career, besides that an imperial pain in the neck: Lydia Lunch.

Propelled by the Putan Club, a unit of artistic resistance subtly iconoclastic, a combo armed with a merciless interaction between paintings, graphic arts and determinedly overconfident musical comments, the Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club is a creation wished and organized by the Theatre Garonne, European Stages Network of Toulouse, in March, 2012.

This is not entertainment, either a reading, or a concert : it is a rape, a gang bang, a total dumping -heart, eyes, ears- in the indecency and its incredible beauty. It is the poetry applied to the immediate life, without flowers nor stylistic effects, conjugating its violence, its excesses, its religions, its politics, from sex to drugs and up to the death. Inexorably, mercilessly and supremely. A sincere experience of extremely savage and wild love.

texts, vox, soundscapes : Lydia Lunch

guitars, electronics : François R. Cambuzat

bass : Gianna Greco

video teaser dvd : http://youtu.be/9JAcW-AxNbw

audio : http://soundcloud.com/putanclub

live festival invisible (extrait) : http://youtu.be/fjgAz9AW1XY

videos live from fans :



contact : click

Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch (Rochester, New York, USA) is an American poet, writer, actress and singer. The provocative Lydia Lunch was a pivotal figure in New York’s ‘no wave’ scene of the late 70s and has worked with an array of talent since then. The Boston Phoenix named Lunch "one of the 10 most influential performers ofthe 1990s." Her words revealed her increasing fascination with the baser instincts of human nature.

Lydia Lunch participated in about fifty movies, realized hundred of albums (among others with Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Exene Cervenka, Rowland S . Howard, Einstürzende Neubauten, Alan Vega, J.G. Thirlwell, Marc Almond, Michael Gira, Oxbow, Henry Rollins) and published eight books translated in several languages.

Her work typically features provocative and confrontational delivery. The politics of outrage remain her gospel.

Lydia Lunch’s Website

Press Cuts

"Is there anybody left in this town who's oblivious to the fact that we live in the direct fucking center of Hell? Well, it may be time to come forward and let Lydia Lunch devastate your candy-coated perception of reality." Ron Athery, LA WEEKLY

"With a magical voice that is rough, sexy, sarcastic and so very New York, performance artist Lydia Lunch delivers scalding spoken word performances that take the listener into a world of desperation, brutality and inner urban moral and ethical decay. Her stories are mesmeric and poisonous, her characters infused with a kind of diabolical energy that makes them frightening even when they are pathetic."  Bridget Haire

"If you want to hear urgency and terror . . . everything claimed for bands who don't come close to touching one tenth of this lady's awesome power. Damn, do you need this album."

Everett True, MELODY MAKER (UK)

"Lydia Lunch is one of the few spontaneous geniuses in contemporary music." 

New York Rocker

“One of the greatest New York musicians of all time.” Time Out New York, 2007

"A musician, spoken word performer, author and actor, she shines a light into the dark corners of human experience."  Kathy McCabe, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH MIRROR

"Lydia Lunch is one of your dumb-ass country's greatest fucking commentators period. Lydia, I totally salute you!" Everett True,THE STRANGER

"Still, if you think Lunch is just your garden variety nihilist, you're wrong. It's a mark of cowardice, in fact, to mistake her disillusion for defeat. The passion of her fury is the best testimony to her lack of cynicism." Jim Farber, NY DAILY NEWS

"...it certainly vindicates Lunch's status as a influential, groundbreaking, seminal artist."

Peter Robinson,TIME OUT (UK)

"... the performance impressed me as brilliant. What would happen if you took a clone of Sarah Bernhardt and matched it with Celine? Lunch spits out a song, embittered, heartfelt, nasty and uncontrived. She's a hard- core poetic realist, a pragmatic soothsayer. What Lunch observes in the sick world around her is swiftly translated into a lyrical ululation. There is anger in her demeanor, and she projects it majestically. . . Her language and poise sent sparks across the aisles into the ears of small town corporate executives and college professors who nodded in involuntary agreement. " Robert C. Morgan, HIGH PERFORMANCE

"Before Marilyn Manson, before Courtney Love and before all the MTV-light-weights made rage and controversy mere cheap commodities, there was punk poet queen of extremities Lydia Lunch . . . and her volatile narratives on life, death and all the bits in between.Unmissable."


"On Queen of Siam, Lydia Lunch . . . surprises her fans and a legion of japing nonbelievers by delivering a record that covers all the bases so well that it's beyond words like calculated. . . Lunch stays busy by proving she can "sing" (for those who care about such irrelevancies) and conjuring up memories of various grotesques like Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Petula Clark and Marlene Dietrich (though camp she ain't). Lunch's lyrics, while sometimes suffused with Catholic guilt, recognize the absurdity of that guilt's flagellant trappings. Lydia Lunch isn't sleazy, and sports a sense of humor about her persona and her music that collects increments of charm through successive cuts.Queen of Siam is a class act all the way."


"While Madonna plays truth or dare, Lydia Lunch plays psychological Russian roulette."

Hobey Echlin

"Innovative, inspirational and essential listening." Billy Chainsaw, KERRANG! (USA)

Lydia Lunch’s Works


Adulterers Anonymous (1982 avec Exene Cervenka)

Incriminating Evidence (1992)

Paradoxia; a Predator’s Diary (1997)

Toxic Gumbo (comic, dessin Ted McKeever) (1998)

The Gun is Loaded (2007)

Will Work for Drugs (2009)


2009Blank City - Celine Danheir

2009No Wave - Underground ’80 Berlin-New York -  Christoph Dreher

2009For The End of Time - Ema Kugler

2009Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls - Maria Beatty

2008Death of the Reel - Benjamin Meade

2007Lydia Lunch/Real Pornography - Ludovic Cantais

2007Llik Your Idols - Angelique Bosio

2007Santa Cruz County Anti-Meth Campaign PSA - Cam Archer

2006Kill Your Idols -  Scott A. Crary

2005American Fame Pt. 2: Forgetting Jonathan Brandis. Cam Archer

2004American Fame Pt. 1:The Drowning of River Phoenix - Cam Archer

2004The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Thing - Asia Argento

2002D.I.Y. OR DIE - Michael W. Dean

2000Shadow Hours -  Isaac H. Eaton. Scene writer, consultant.

1997Girls Girls Girls -  Ellen Maki

1996Visiting Desire - Beth B.Acted

1995The Power of the Word - Jeanne Harco

1992Malicious Intent - Richard Kern & Chris Lovenko

1992The Thunder,The Perfect Mind - Tom Richards Murphy and Marta Ze

1990BBQ Death Squad -  Penn & Teller

1990Kiss Napoleon Goodbye - Babeth & Lydia Lunch

1990Thanatopsis - Beth B. Acted

1990The Road To God Knows Where

1983MTV's "The Cutting Edge". MTV. Appeared in 6 Episodes

1988The Gun Is Loaded  - Merill Aldighieri & Joe Tripician

1987SubmitTo Me Now -  Richard Kern

1987Put More Blood Into The Music. Interview

1987Mondo NewYork - Harvey Keith

1986Fingered - Richard Kern

1986The InvisibleThread -  Penn &Teller.Acted

1986Gang of Souls. Spoken Word Documentary  - Maria Beatty

1985Submit To Me - Richard Kern

1984The Right Side of My Brain - Richard Kern

1983Vortex - Beth & Scott B

1983The Wild World of Lydia Lunch - Nick Zedd

1983Like Dawn To Dust - Vivenne Dick

1980Liberty's Booty - Vivenne Dick

1980The Offenders - Beth & Scott B.

1979Beauty Becomes The Beast - Vivenne Dick

1979Alien Portrait - Michael McClard

1978Guerillere Talks -  Vivienne Dick

1978Black Box - Beth & Scott B

1978She Had Her Gun All Ready -  Vivenne Dick. Acted

1978Rome '78 -  James Nares


1978No New York (Compilation)

1978Orphans / Less of Me 1979Beirut Slump

1979Off White

1979Baby Doll/Freud in Flop/Race Mixing

1979Pink 12”EP

1979Pre-Teenage Jesus & The Jerks

19808-Eyed Spy

1980Queen Of Siam

19818-Eyed Spy

19818-Eyed Spy Live

1981Diddy Wah Diddy


1982Some Velvet Morning / I Fell In Love With A Ghost

1982The Agony Is The Ecstacy

1982Thirsty Animal

1982Vortex - Original Soundtrack

1982Der Karibische Western

1982Kino Aus Der Kassette


1983Dagger & Guitar

1983The Last Testament

1984Better A New Demon Than An Old God (Compilation)

1984Plow! (Compilation)

1984In Limbo

1984Speed Trials (Compilation)

1984Death Valley ‘69

1984Hard Rock

1985The Uncensored Lydia Lunch

1985Heart Of Darkness

1985The Drowning Of Lucy Hamilton

1985Death Valley 69 EP

1985Bad Moon Rising

1985A Dozen of Dead Roses

1985Tellus The Audio Cassette Magazine: #10 All Guitars!

1986Hysterie (compilation)



1987Tellus, The Audio Cassette Magazine #18: Experimental Theater

1988Honeymoon In Red

1988Oral Fixation


1988The Crumb

1989Hysterie (Greatest Hits compilation)

1989Fear, Power, God (Compilation)

1989Oral Fixation Excerpts

1989New York Rockers (Manhattan’s Original Rock Underground)

1989Zetrospective, Vol. I: Dancing in the Face of Adversity

1990Conspiracy Of Women (COW)

1990Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven

1990Naked In Garden Hills

1990Stinkfist & The Crumb (Re-issue)

1990A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover...’Cuz It’s Hot

1991Trying To Make It To The End Of The Century

1991Don't Fear The Reaper


1991Shotgun Wedding

1991Queen of Siam (Re-issue)


1991King of the Jews

1992Head On

1992Downtown Does The Beatles



1993Shotgun Wedding Live

1993Unearthly Delights

1993Queen of Siam (Re-issue)

1993Welcome to My Nightmare (Tribute to Alice Cooper)

1993Fear Engine II: Almost As If IT Never Happened

199313 Above the Night

1993Workdogs In Hell (Compilation)


1994Crimes Against Nature

1994Transmutation & Shotgun Wedding Live

1995Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - EVERYTHING

1995The Drowning Of Lucy Hamilton / In Limbo

1995Rude Hieroglyphics


1996Uncensored / Oral Fixation (Re-issue)

1996Universal Infiltrators

1996Home Alive (Compilation)

1996Flesh, Fangs & Filigree (Compilation): "Stinkfist"

1996Flesheaters (Compilation): "In My Time of Dying"

1996Undead (Compilation): "Twisted" & "Some Velvet Morning"

1996Stinkfist /Meltdown Oratorio/Son of Stink / The Crumb

1996No Excuse

1996Out of Their Mouths, MK. 2 - An Atavistic Compilation

1996Mind the Gap Vol. 9

1997Kiss of the Vampire (Compilation)

1997Necromantic (Compilation): "In My Time of Dying"

1997Tribute To Jack Kerouac (Compilation)

19978-Eyed Spy “Luncheone”

1997The Desperate Ones


1997Grrrl Power: A History of Women in Popular Music

1997Stiletto Vamp (Compilation): "Burning Skulls"

1997Kerouac: Kicks of Darkness

1997Vital Juices

1997Dead & Gone #2: Totenlieder

1998Here: Brooklyn Bank

1998Gothic Erotica (compilation): "Stinkfist", "Burning Skulls"

1998Before the Balloon Went Up (Compilation): "In My Time of Dying"

1998Uturn / Minox


1998Queen of Siam (Re-issue)

1998Songs of the Witchblade (compilation)

1998Widowspeak (Greatest Hits compilation)

1998Crippled Champions (Compilation), "Escape"

1998Honeymoon In Red

1998II Juke Box Del DiAvolo

1998Crippled Champions: The Soundtrack Generation

1999Radio History of KBUR FM (Compilation), reading from "Paradoxia"

1999Crimes Against Nature (Re-issue)

1999Original Soundtrack: The Blair Witch Project

1999Shotgun Wedding / Shotgun Wedding Live

1999Yesterday’s Zeitgeist

1999Shotgun Wedding

1999Dirty Little Secrets - Music to Strip By...


1999Drinking from the Puddles

1999Education In Infestation

1999Kaleidoscope 6

2000New Coat of Paint


2000Ontogeny - No Fish Is Too Weird for Her Aquarium (vo. II)

2000The Devil’s Racetrack

2000Beauty and Terror

2001Hangover Hotel

2001Downtown ‘81 (original soundtrack)

2002Champagne, Cocaine & Nicotine Stains

2002Blue Light Fever


2002Wake The Dead: Words & Music from Sex and Guts

2002The Sound of II Giaguaro Vol 2

2002Electric Jazz Vol. 1

2002Nu Jazz Vol. 3

2003In Our Time of Dying

2003Memory and Madness

2003Exploding Plastic Pleasure

2003Queer Street (No Fish Is Too Weird for Her Acquarium Vol. III)

2004Smoke In The Shadows

2004Live in London


2005Sartorial Sampler

2005Willing Victim - The Audience as Whipping Boy

2005Fueling the Rose of Fire (Live in Barcelona)

2005No New York (Compilation)

2006Smoke in the Shadows / Lost World / Blame / Pass Like Night

2006Teenage Jesus and the Jerks Live at Max’s Kansas City 1977

2006Touch My Evil 2006Protocol

2006CBGB’s ("Orphans")

2006Deviations On A Theme

2007Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Lydia Lunch

2007Doughboy (B side of single)

2008Ghosts of Spain

2008When I'm Loaded

2008Video Hysterie

2009Frankie Teardrop

2009Master Alchemist

2009Big Sexy Noise

2011Big Sexy Noise Trust the witch